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CEO Message

Hello, everyone.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support, which has helped us build the foundation for today.

Since its establishment, Samsung SDI has been doing our best to meet the needs of our customers as a manufacturer of aluminum and non-ferrous metals with quality first.

The first plant in Bupyeong, Incheon, is equipped with the latest automated surface treatment and processing facilities, and the second plant in Poseung National Industrial Complex, Gyeonggi Province, supplies various colors of building materials and aluminum products, including fluorinated, electrodeposited, and powder coated, with excellent weather resistance and beautiful appearance, to satisfy customers' demand for excellent aluminum materials in Korea, thus establishing a production base that can meet the needs of various consumers.

In addition, we promise to repay our customers' support by building a more automated SPRAY ROBOT SYSTEM and stably supplying various aluminum products such as aluminum sash and sheet panels with prompt delivery and excellent quality in response to the recent revival of the construction economy and rapidly increasing customer demand.

With the attitude of steady research and development, all of our employees will maintain their position in their respective fields with correct and sincere attitude.
We sincerely wish for your continued development.

Thank you very much.

Jong Kyung Lee, CEO of Samsung Metal